Alex Skovron

Alex Skovron was born in Poland, lived briefly in Israel, and emigrated to Australia in 1958, aged nearly ten. His family settled in Sydney, where he grew up and completed his studies. From the early 1970s he worked as a book editor for various publishers in Sydney and Melbourne, and was general editor of The Concise Encyclopaedia of Australia (1977–79); since 1980 he has lived in Melbourne, and now works as a freelance editor. He is married with two grown-up children.

Alex’s five collections of poetry to date are: The Rearrangement (1988), Sleeve Notes (1992), Infinite City (1999), The Man and the Map (2003), and a volume of prose-poems, Autographs (2008). Awards for his writing have included the Wesley Michel Wright Prize for Poetry (twice), the John Shaw Neilson Poetry Award (twice), the Australian Book Review Poetry Prize, and, for his first collection, the Anne Elder and Mary Gilmore awards. His prose novella, The Poet (2005), was joint winner (with Kate Grenville) of the FAW Christina Stead Award for a work of fiction. Alex’s poetry has been published in many journals and anthologies in Australia and overseas. The numerous public readings he has given have included appearances in China, Serbia, India, and on Norfolk Island. His New & Selected Poems is due from Puncher & Wattmann later this year, and a volume of short stories is in preparation.


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