Godi Suwarna & Safrina Soemadipradja Noorman

Godi Suwarna has been viewed as the avant-garde of the Sundanese literary world. Exploring and exploiting words in all literary genres,  Godi Suwarna is recognized as a reformer.  He has received many awards from various institutions, in particular the prestigious Rancage award which he got three times for writing in three literary genres: poetry, novel and short story. He makes use of the Sundanese language to the fullest. Being brought up in a traditional manner with (traditional) literature-rich environment has refined his use of the language and sets him apart from his contemporaries. Godi is known for his deliberate use of the Sundanese sounds (note the nasal sounds in the poem), mostly, for his poems which were published in four anthologies. They are Jagat Alit (Microcosm), Surat-surat Kaliwat (Letters of the Past), Blues Kere Lauk (Dried Fish Blues) andSajak Dongeng si Ujang (Stories for Ujang Poems).

Safrina Soemadipradja Noorman teaches English at the English Department at the Faculty of Arts and Language Education, Indonesia University of Education. Safrina did her doctoral degree in Literature at University of Indonesia, Jakarta. She was a Fulbright scholar at Illinois State University as part of her doctoral study. Although she is a Sumdanese ethnic by birth, she just started to embrace her Sundanese descent more intensely in 2001 when she helped organize the First International Conference on Sundanese Culture. Since then she is involved in various activities of the Sundanese communities including translating literary works when requested. Her main interest, beside the Sundanese culture, is Children’s and Adolescent Literature and Popular Culture.