Kavisha Mazella

ARIA award winner Kavisha  Mazzella was born in the UK and migrated to Perth Australia in the 1960’s,setting the scene for her intuitive journey into the world of music and art.A major source of her inspiration comes from her unique multicultural heritage through her irish-Scottish-Burmese mother and her Italian father.

Since her landmark cd in 1993 ” The Joys Of The Women” Kavisha has carved a strong reputation as a songmaker,composer and theatre worker and social activist. Playing guitar,mandolin and piano accordion, it is her hauntingly beautiful voice,capable of power and nuance,humour and spontaneity that makes her a shining beacon in the Australian Music scene.Singing in English and Italian with a voice that slides easily from social commentary into a dreamy fado like sound, Kavisha’s songs take you on an emotional journey into the life and times of multicultural Australia. People listen to Kavisha ‘s music when they’re  going through personal changes .Whether  there getting married, having babies, or while they’re dying,it strikes a deep chord within.

In the Australia Day honours list of 2011, Kavisha was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia for her services to singing and songwriting and reflecting the experiences of  women,refugee,multicultural and indigenous communities in performance.

Over the last 25 years Kavisha has performed  her own songs and given vocal workshops at many festivals all over the country and is not only one of Australia’s outstanding songwriters but also  a fine proponant of Italian folk song.

Read more about Kavisha.


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