Rumi Komonz

Japanese Authors, Poetry and Songs

Rumi Komonz (小紋寿ルミ) is a pen name. The author of a historical fiction, Kicho & Nobunaga (available both in English and Japanese). B.A. Gakushuin ’78, Dip Ed Monash ’79, LLB La Trobe ’07.

Born in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan, Rumi was hosted by the Rotary Club of Melbourne in ’73-’74. She lives in Melbourne with her husband of 30 years, an engineer and a former champion triple jumper Don and two young adult children. Interests other than writing includes choir singing and painting. Japanese website


4 thoughts on “Rumi Komonz

  1. Dear Ms Komonoz,
    please retransmit your submissions for “Azuria” directly to me at the following e-mail address : I have been travelling & am only now catching up on correspondence.
    Dr. E. Reilly
    Geelong Writers inc.

  2. Dear Rumi,

    My name is Austen and I live in Melbourne too. Thank you for writing such an inspiring book. I absolutely love your take on Nohime and how you truly imagined her character and her feelings based on historical records. Would you know any other books about the life of Nobunaga? Where can I read an english version of the Oda Chronicle and the Akechi Chronicle?

    Austen Kosashi

  3. Dear Austen
    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my book, Kicho & Nobunaga. The best bet for finding more books on Nobunaga including the Oda Chronicle, would be in Amazon. Just enter key word “Nobunaga” and you will see a few, which are available in English.

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