The IFLIT is a celebration of literatures and the Arts in the broadest sense of the word.

IFLIT 2012 promises to be a cultural experience unlike any other. It’s program  was designed with the express intent of  creating  the possibility  for a coherent experience which can facilitate the linguistic, intellectual, political and spiritual bridge-building between peoples of diverse cultural backgrounds.

1- Overall,  the IFLIT program aims to: Facilitate  reciprocal appreciation of literatures written in English and other languages, and to foster a climate of inclusion which recognises and celebrates world literatures in translation.

2- Celebrate the intellectual rigor exercised by literary translators when ensuring the integrity of the original text is preserved through its journey into another language.

3- Champion literary translation as an art form encompassing new media and how this can transform the individual approach of a translator’s modus operandi, to a collaborative one.

4-  Consider the symbiosis of text in translation vis-à-vis various contemporary art form, presented as Synergy Events.