The Future Bookshop

The Future Bookshop is an interactive installation exploring the future of reading in the digital age. It is a collaboration between the Emerging Writers Festival and the NGV, as part of the Light in Winter Festival. At the Future Bookshop, writers in residence are building and exploring the literary future in direct presence of the public. The future Bookshop is at the NGV Studio untill Sunday, 17th June, and is open 10am to 5pm Sunday to Wednesday, and 10am to 10pm Thursday to Saturday.

For more details, click here.As writer in residence at the Future Bookshop, IFLIT guest Julien Leyre is exploring the question of multilingual audiences in the digital space. He will be translating his blog on urban Australia, Australian Aesthetics, into French and Mandarin. Through this work of self-translation, Julien will reflect on his own experience as a migrant to Australia, and a writer’s capacity to convey their own sense of place in their native and adopted languages.


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