Program 2012

IFLIT 2012 promises to be a cultural experience unlike any other. It’s program  was designed with the express intent of  creating  the possibility  for a coherent experience which can facilitate the linguistic, intellectual, political and spiritual bridge-building between peoples of diverse cultural backgrounds.

As an international “bridge builder”, the  IFLIT brings together celebrated poets, authors, and translators, as well as editors, critics and publishers from Australia and from Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, and Holland, who will feature in the many readings, recitals, keynote presentations , workshops,  and performances including the Japanese women’s choir Yukari Echo.

Chief among the presentation will be a session on Copyright Law pertaining to literature in translation.  There will workshops on translating from English into: Indonesian, Korean and Vietnamese. Performances which are informed by text that originated in languages other than English, including Italian, Sanskrit and Russian.

There will be a multilingual Poetry& Music salon hosted by PEN MELBOURNE, and readings, recitations and performances in Mandarin, Indonesian, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, French, Korean, German, Spanish, Dutch, Sanskrit, Hindi, Russian, and readings of women’s text in Arabic (Afghani), Dutch, Italian and Chinese, will feature throughout the festival.

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Program Friday 15 June 2012
Program Saturday 16 June 2012
Program Sunday 17 June 2012